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Finding Your WPA Key the Easy Way

Protecting your wireless internet connection from unauthorized use will require inputting a WPA key, a password used to secure wireless networks. Generally, the first time you hook up your wireless router, you will be required to input a password to be used as your WPA Key. After that, the password is automatically remembered by your computer and you probably will not have to enter it again.

However, some cases require finding your WPA key again. You may need it if you have to set up a wireless connection on a new computer, hook up a wireless internet connection to your gaming system, or your existing computer asks you to re-enter the password for whatever reason. If you have forgotten or misplaced the password, you may have a lot of difficulty finding your WPA Key.

It is always important to write down your password and keep it in a safe, easily accessible area. A great place to keep it written is on your router's box or your router manual. Unfortunately, even the most careful of us can lose or misplace our passwords at times. Many people who lose their WPA Key simply have no idea how to get it back.

If this happens to you, here are some simple steps that will make finding your WPA Key a piece of cake:

1. Hook your computer up to your router using a standard Ethernet cable.
2. Open any internet browser (Internet Explorer and Firefox will both work fine) and enter into the address bar. Most routers use this IP address. If it doesn't work, you can find out your router's IP address by looking it up in your router manual.
3. You will be asked to input a username and password. Usually this is "admin" as the username and either "admin" or blank as the password. Once again, you can look up the username/password in your router manual if these don't work.
4. In the router settings that follow, locate a "Security" tab. The key should be displayed here.

If you're still not having any luck finding your WPA key, another option is to reset the router to its default manufacturer's settings. Locate a small hole on the back or bottom of your router. Stick a pencil, pen or other narrow object into the hole to press the reset button. Hold this button for at least 15 or 20 seconds.

This will reset your router to its initial settings the day you brought it home from the store. Doing this and following steps #1 through #3 again will allow you to input a new WPA Key. This time, remember to keep it in a safe place!

Visit WPAKey.com [http://www.wpakey.com] if you are still lost when it comes to finding your WPA Key.

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