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An Overview of IP Address

If you want to find out more about IP addresses, then you will want to read this article. First and foremost, what are IP addresses? In fact, they are simply just a set of logical addresses of network adapters. Now, why do you need IP addresses? One of the reasons is to enable you to join the Internet Protocol networks. Basically, IP addresses are required when we are using the Internet. These addresses are the basis for your computers to identify themselves on the Internet as well as computer networks.

Typically, a home network router will consist of two Internet Protocol addresses, one being the internal home (LAN) while the other being the external Internet (WAN). Generally, the default internal Internet Protocol address will be stated in documentation. However, the administrators have the right to change or edit the internal IP address during the router setup, which will eventually be fixed once set. The LAN IP address can be viewed from the router's administrative console. On the other hand, the external IP address or WAN IP address will be set once the router connects to the Internet service provider.

For your information, home broadband routers will have their own default internal LAN Internet Protocol addresses. For example, Linksys routers use while other US Robotics routers use These internal addresses are determined by the manufacturer, which can also be changed or edited using the network router's administrative console upon the administrator's request. The internal IP identity like is actually a private IPv4 network address. Any type of network router and any computer on a local network can be set to this IP identity. Nevertheless, only one device is allowed to use this IP address at one time to prevent Internet Protocol address conflicts. As a result, either one or both computers will be unusable for network operations.

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