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Internet Access Only Router: Separate Each Ethernet Port Using DD-WRT

The goal is to use a secondary router to connect computers to the Internet while ensuring that they do not see any other computers on the LAN. DD-WRT must be installed on the secondary router. Client Mode wireless is used to wirelessly connect the secondary router to the primary router for the purpose of providing an Internet connection to all computers plugged into the secondary router. Each physical port on the back of the router is then placed into its own VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network). Finally, firewall rules are added to the router to prevent communication between VLANs and the rest of the LAN.

The following instructions were written specifically for DD-WRT v24 preSP2 running on the WRT54GS 1.0, but they should work fine on any router that supports VLANs.

IMPORTANT NOTE if you are using the WAN port instead of Client Mode wireless:


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