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27 Best Free Internet Marketing Tools And Resources for Cheapskates (Online Business Ideas & Internet Marketing Tips fo Book 1)

PSST!… 27 Best Free Internet Marketing Tools and Resources for Cheapskates is really just a blog post…

yep, ya heard me right!

But what a blog post it is if you're looking to find some of the best free internet marketing tools and resources to help you get things done!

And no, it's not a regular list of the stuff you have likely already heard of! My guess is that even if you are experienced with internet marketing and have been around the block, you won't have heard of most of these free resources.

New internet marketers rarely have the start up capitol to buy all of the tools and training that is needed to really get going in this business so I thought this list of 27 resources would be a welcome addition to their Kindle library.

It costs less than most chocolate bars and I'm sure 1 of the 27 pointers will be worth it. 😉

So… if you agree to paying the cost of a chocolate bar for what is basically a blog post (a pretty well researched blog post however I'll have you know!) then this is one of the best internet marketing books (OK… Articles. :-S) for you.

It is packed (:-S) full of things that new internet marketers will find handy, and no… it's not the usual stuff you find recommended by every Tom, Dick and Chris.

Please don't expect an internet marketing start to finish plan, that's the subject for a different (and more bloody expensive!) book.

That said, these are great tools and resources that will help you out in your day to day online marketing duties.

some might not cut it against premium tools you have to pay monthly fees for but…

Whaddya want for pennies? 😉

There Are Internet Marketing Tools And Resources In Here For…

Kindle book creators
Amazon affiliates
Rank tracking
List building
Graphics & design
Link building
Blog curation
Competitor research
Expired domains

And all of it is FREE!

Enough to part with your choccy bar money?

If not and you’re a skinflint, save the money and go get a Snickers but my guess is that AT LEAST 1 of the things listed in this book will be worth you missing out on your sugar rush for the day.

Not many internet marketing books give you so much value for so little money so what are ya waiting for…

Click the 'buy now' button before I put the darn price up! 😉

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