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Application Implementation Checklist

Microsoft Great Plains Implementation Checklist

As being popular ERP product, Microsoft Dynamics GP or former Great Plains should be considered from two position: generic MRP system and specific accounting application (technical platform, historical attempt to automate specific industry verticals and horizontals, database platform, etc.). We will review generic ERP application implementation checklist first and then we will go down to specifics:

O Data conversion and massage. Light approach, when you enter initial balances or more advanced way, when you pursue historical data conversion – these are typical scenarios in ERP upgrade, and you will see these decision making requirements implementing all ERP systems.

O Modules selection. This decision making process should be the balance between standard MRP modulated model and specific processes automated in Microsoft Dynamics GP. GP fits to generic accounting: GL, AR, AP, INV, FDA, POP, SOP, discrete manufacturing, field service, non-profit and government organizations.

O Platform Technology. Here we see pretty successful and rapid evolution. Historically Great Plains Software Dynamics was GPS Dexterity written application. Now Microsoft is moving this ERP to MS office stack and enables GP to MS Visual Studio developers via such tools as Extender, eConnect and even Microsoft CRM SDK development and Microsoft CRM integration module with Great Plains.

O Integration Scenarios. EConnect is probably the key player, however we should mention GP Integration Manager module, which in turn is under performance improvement process (deploying more eConnect logic and technologies). Then please consider integration options via MS SQL Server Stored Procedures. Legacy MS Dexterity also can do the job, however you should consider Dexterity fate and the availability of Dex programmers on the market.

O Microsoft Dynamics GP VAR pool. Yes, when you plan to implement GP for your company, you should select MBS VAR or partner who will be doing implementation for you and who will be your representative with Microsoft Dynamics subdivision.

Please feel free to call us anytime: 1-866-528-0577, help@albaspectrum.com, https://www.albaspectrum.com/, [http://enterlogix.com.br] Alba Spectrum Group is serving Microsoft Dynamics GP clients in USA nationwide, local service is available in Chicago, IL and Houston, TX. We also provide remote support, customization upgrade, data conversion service from Manila software development team.

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