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Motorola i560 Review – A Review of the Motorola i560 Cell Phone

The Motorola i560 is a rugged mobile phone that is military-spec durable. The abundant features in this unit provide the tools necessary for organization, fun and security. The SIM card operation keeps the mobile phone secure while the downloadable WAV files, MIDI ring tones and wallpapers serve for sheer enjoyment.

This unit comes equipped with a MOTOtalk off-network digital walkie-talkie and Selective Dynamic Group Call (SDGC). The send via PTT feature increases productivity by allowing multimedia messages to be sent from one phone to another.

Messaging features include multimedia messaging services (MMS) and mobile originated-short messaging services (MO-SMS) for variety and convenience. Voice, Internet and text messaging alerts ensure that no communications will be missed.

The i560 has the capacity to store up to 600 numbers in its consolidated contact list. Users can access the numbers quickly and easily. Features like the quickstore phone numbers and quickstore private IDs make data entry quick and easy while the turbo dial and voice activated dialing make calling lightning fast.

This flip phone comes equipped with a smart button and it offers one touch PTT (Push-To-Talk). Three-way calling, call waiting and call forwarding are integrated into the system.

Lifestyle features are abundant in the Motorola i560. The unit is hearing aid compatible for people who use M3 aids. The auto answer, airplane mode and color display are attractive additions to the cell phone. Other outstanding features include speakerphone, voice record and multi-language support.

Users can make the unit personal by assigning MIDI or WAV ring tones to specific contacts. There is a customizable main menu order that serves as a great organizational tool and the customizable profiles and navigation keys are certain to make each i560 one of a kind.

Data features include an Internet browser, wireless modem and mini-USB connectivity. Downloadable Java technology is enabled in the system as well. The cell phone boasts 25 kHz channel spacing. There is plenty of standby and talk time due to its high performance battery.

The Motorola i560 is a petite flip phone that weighs just over three ounces. However, this product has a lot to offer.

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