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Using The RIPPLE Effect As A Business And Marketing Strategy

Do you ever think about the ripple effect of your actions or the actions of your business?

In the image of the ripple effect, you have a pebble or a small stone, and that pebble is falling into this big source of water – maybe it's a pond, or a lake, or maybe an ocean. Regardless of how big that water source is, the point is that there are always ripples. Those ripples keep moving outward and expanding outward, pushing other ripples into a course because of the action of one small pebble or maybe even one small drop of water.

So there you are, a business owner, a pebble, a drop of water falling into a bigger source of water. You're setting an example for your staff, you're doing something good for someone, or you're guiding or coaching someone through something – whatever it is you're doing, it's starting the ripple.

Do you like the ripple that you've started? Is it creating the effect you want to have on people? Are you aware of the ripple you're causing?

As a business owner, doesn't it just make your day to hear someone tell you how you've helped them make a decision, or you've had an amazing effect on them in some way?

Maybe you're not saving the world, or even saving lives, maybe you really don't think about what you do as being so significant that it actually inspires people, but what you may not realize is just how much of an effect you have on someone.

That's the ripple effect, right?

So what's the RIPPLE Effect? The RIPPLE Effect is an acronym that will help you remember just the kind of inspirational person you are. It will remind you of the steps to being the person and the business you want to be.

RIPPLE stands for "Repetition In Place Produces Little Effects Somewhere."

It doesn't matter what you do. It doesn't matter if you're saving lives, curing cancer, selling courses to help others, speaking at events, or just opening a door for someone else. When you do something, and you do it over and over again, consistently, people begin looking to you as the start of a ripple. They are informed, and influenced, maybe they spread kindness because of you, maybe they have a clearer view of what they need to do because of you. Maybe you've saved their life, or their business, and you don't even know it.

Be the RIPPLE Effect you want to be. Make your day by making someone else's, no matter how big or small the gesture may seem.

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