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How Can I Reset the Password OF My LinkSys Router?

When you are installing your Linksys router, you should always write down on your planner the details of the router's configuration settings. This is a must. You might need the information in the future. The password is very critical. If you have forgotten the password, you might be barred from using your own router.

You can reset your password using the following steps:

Step 1: The first thing you should do is to reset the router to its original or default settings. These are the same settings that you have configured when you first purchased the router. You can reset your networking device to factory default settings by simply pushing the reset button. Hold it for about 30 seconds until it restarts to factory settings. This is called "hard resetting".

Step 2: After hard resetting your router, you need to do the configuration steps you have also done when you first configured your router. Connect your computer to one of the Ethernet ports found at the back of the networking device. Click your browser and then wait for it to load. Click the url box and then type in This will load a configuration pop-up sheet that will prompt you for the password and the username.

Step 3: Key in the default username and password of your router. You can find this in the user manual of the device. However, if you are using an old model of Linksys router, you can leave the username text box blank and just key in the password "admin". For the newer versions, type in "admin" for both username and password text boxes.

Step 4: When you are already logged in, you can reconfigure the router to your old settings. Change the password to something you can easily remember.

Step 5: Enable your WAP2 security settings. For older models, just enable the WEP or WAP settings so your network cannot be easily penetrated by hackers. This will make your network virtually invisible to your neighbours. Most people fail to enable the WEP or WAP of their network. As a result, the computers of their neighbours can still pick up signals from their home network system.

Step 6: Remember to write down the configuration settings and the password of your router so that you will not forget it again in the future.

Remember these steps when you are trying to reset the password of your Linksys router.

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