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IP Address Cloaking – Changing Your IP Address To Enjoy Anonymous Browsing And Online Protection

Since the internet protocol address represents our unique online identity, IP address cloaking is a must for most of our activities online nowadays. This is because of the sophisticated means by which malicious internet workers can steal our information and also hack into our computer systems this unique id. Although, there were ways by which we can protect our identities online but these ways are outdated and limited against the methods used to steal our data online today. This has led to the high rise in internet search for effective methods for changing the IP address.

One method that is very common, especially among casual internet users, for IP address cloaking is the use of web proxy. It is a web-based application which can hide your real internet protocol address while you visit a website. It works by visiting a web proxy site, through which you can then access other websites anonymously by typing in the website you wish to visit. This request goes through the proxy server which does the job of effectively masking your IP and instead showing its own IP at the destination site.

Web proxy has a lot of disadvantages for those using it. One major limitation is that it cannot open all sites especially secured sites like yahoo. Therefore, you may not be able to check your mails. Proxy sites are free of charge and therefore have a lot of traffic using this service. Also, to make up for their free service, these free web applications subscribe for adverts on their pages. All these account for the slow rendering of web pages on these applications.

Another concern about the use of this free service is its security. Identity thieves can develop their own proxy sites as a means to steal information from computers that connect to them.

If you are not only interested in casually surfing the net but you need to shop online and also share some important data online e.g. Credit card number, then you need to go commercial applications that can help you enjoy anonymous browsing. This application is the change-your-IP software. It does not have the limitations that accompany the use of web-based applications. That means, it does not affect the speed of your internet neither is there any security risk present with the use this IP address cloaking software.

All you have to do is to install this software on your computer, and then it does the job of changing your IP address anytime you are online. With just a small fee, you can protect your important data from being stolen without any hassle.

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