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Why Buy a Tracker Rather Than Opting for Free Online GPS Tracker

There are a number of websites on the Web that provide free online GPS tracker services. These websites promise free accurate tracking of vehicles, person, and even pets through internet. Even though the offer looks very attractive, many are not aware that they also come with many drawbacks. Most often, tracking done through these websites end up in frustration and loss of money. In order to avoid this, it is always better to buy a GPS tracking device. You can have peace of mind in the end. If you want to use a free online GPS tracker system, you should also understand its disadvantages properly.

Privacy Issues.

When you apply for internet based tracking, you will also have to disclose your personal information. Also, most of the websites delivering this service does not have any privacy policies in place. They may or may not share your personal information live or with other websites. You do not have any control on this. You must understand that these websites do not need your permission to disclose your personal information. As you know, disclosing personal information online can have many devastating effects including identity theft. So, you must be careful when applying for a free online GPS tracker system. If you are worried about your safety on internet, buy one.

Less Accuracy.

There is no guarantee that the information you get through web is accurate. Most of the websites claim that they use system for tracking. But, most often that is not the case. In reality, most of the websites use a cellular tower triangulation to get the results. The accuracy of information from this device is nowhere compared to that of Global tracking system. With cellular tower triangulation, you can only track vehicles or person within a radius of 1000 to 5000 meters. So, a global tracking device can give you more accurate information than a free online GPS tracker.

Hidden Costs.

Even though the free web based tracker service is supposed to be free, some websites may charge you a fee for using their system. Most often, you will end up paying more than needed and the free service will not be free anymore. You can use that money to buy a tracking device for yourself. You may not want to spend money to get inaccurate information. If you do not want to fall in such a trap, avoid using free online GPS tracker services.

If you want more information on the disadvantages of using a free online GPS tracker service and how buying a physical device can save from internet fraud, visit Safe Secure 24.

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