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Cisco CCNA (640-553) Security Examination Coaching – Using the Get admission to-List Observation Command

In these days's article, I'm going to quickly let you know concerning the Cisco IOS Global configuration command named "get admission to-list statement".   

CCNA's (such as you) use the "access-checklist observation" command to write down a helpful remark (observation) for an entry in a numbered IP get entry to listing.   

Notice: The comment (observation) can be as much as 100 characters lengthy; and any comment (commentary) that is longer than 100 characters will be truncated.  

Below is the command's syntax:   

Access-record get admission to-checklist-quantity commentary observation   

As you can find, the command makes use of the access-listing-quantity and commentary arguments.   

Access-record-quantity – This argument is used to point the collection of an IP get entry to record.   

Observation – And, this argument is the true comment (remark) that describes the access record entry. (Remember that the comment (observation) has a limit of one hundred characters)   

Under is an instance of the command being used:  


Router#configure terminal  

Router(config)#get admission to-listing 1 remark Best enable the abc computing device to get through  

Router(config)#get right of entry to-record 1 permit 172.69.2.ninety eight  

Router(config)#get right of entry to-checklist 1 statement Do not allow the xyz laptop to get through  

Router(config)#access-checklist 1 deny 172.69.three.14  


Router#reproduction run start   

withIn the instance above, the workstation on the abc community that has the IP address 172.69.2.ninety eight will have the ability to get its IP visitors thru; but, the laptop that’s on the xyz community that has the IP address 172.sixty nine.3.14 is not going to.   

As you can obviously see, the access-record observation statements are commenting on the ACL habits.   

And, like with mostly all Cisco IOS instructions; you need to use the word "no" in front of the command to cast off (disable) the configured command; such as you see beneath:   

Router(config)#no get right of entry to-listing 1 commentary   

With the aid of the best way, in the event you come to a decision to use the command, make sure that your router(s) is working Cisco IOS or higher.   

I hope this text used to be very informative and helped you speedy take into account the utilization of the get admission to-checklist remark command. If you want to research more; I recommend you talk over with my web page, have been you'll to find the newest information relating to the Cisco CCNA (640-553) Security exam tactics.   

To your success,  

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