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How to Reset WiFi Password

Setting Up a Wireless Internet Router

Setting up a wireless internet router is relatively easy. You can easily do this with a few modifications to the router settings. Of course, you will need the essential tools.

Step 1: Find a good wireless router. TP-Link, Linksys and Netgear are some brands you can try. They differ in features and mostly in transmission range and the efficiency of their security functions. It has to be compatible with your internet connection.

Step 2: Set your computers up so they are wireless ready. Most laptops, especially those purchased in recent years are ready for a wireless connection. If not, install wireless card and chips to desktop computers and laptop computers that are not yet wireless ready.

Step 3: If your internet connection has a modem set-up, you should turn it off first and then unplug the Ethernet cable from the back of your computer. Plug on end of this cable to the Modem and the other to the WAN port of the router. This is usually in color blue. For those using wireless fidelity networks, just plug the wireless adapter to the WAN port.

Step 4: Plug the router and the modem if you have one. Allow it finish processing. You can see 4 blinking lights. Afterwards, configure the settings of your router. Run the set-up wizard that comes with your router. Follow the instructions as stated in the installation procedure.

Step 5: Open a browser and place the IP address of your router. The default one is usually Input default password and username you can find stated in the manual. Now you can change the settings.

Step 6: Click security settings menu and you will be diverted to security page. Change default password of your computer. Also change the SSID name of your router network. Make sure you also make a copy of this information for future references. Should you need to access the security settings again, you will need to provide the right usernames and passwords. In case you have forgotten, you might need to reset your router settings again which will result to loss of productivity.

Step 7: In your control panel, click network and sharing and make a local area connection for all your wireless computers. This will allow you to have access to other computers using your computer now. You can also transfer and download files using network sharing. This provides a very convenient way of arranging your files.

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