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How to View Router Information

I have find out several articles the location the customer mentions that Cisco'' s Packet Tracer does not make more powerful BGP(Border Gateway Protocol ). It’s ideal defined as a training course vector method as an outcome of it does no much longer utilize the common IGP (Inside Gateway Protocol) reminiscent of OSPF (Open Shortest Route First), EIGRP (Greater Interior Gateway Routing Protocol) and also RIP (Routing Data Protocol) metrics, yet makes its transmitting options according to course, network insurance coverage plans and/or guideline devices. Also expecting also with this restriction there is ample boost to enable the CCNA, and also CCNP student to understand a typical functioning out of this facility transmitting method as well as to find out just how to make use of the following sustained command within Packet tracer.IOS directions assisted in Packet Tracer 5.