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Enhancing Your Article Marketing Strategy Through RSS Feeds

Article marketing may be the most utilized way to promote a specific website and create massive traffic or back links to the website, earn a hefty income through article writing, and to build one's reputation as an expert on a specific field of interest. What many do not know is that the articles that they write can actually be used as promotional items themselves.

Article promotion can offer huge amounts of benefits and one of them is your ascension in page rank in the search engines which in turn will again boost website traffic which is what everyone wants in the first place. Articles have ratings, too, and by promoting your articles, you give way to better article ratings which may increase traffic (of course people still look for quality in what they read).

Again, the respect and trust of the readers are some of the most important things that you have to earn in order to make it big in the article marketing arena and by promoting your article you set yourself up as an authority on your topics. People would rather purchase from people they trust and I know anyone would agree to that.

One effective way to promote your articles is through the use of the author's individual article RSS feed which is commonly seen on the author's profile page which you can reach by clicking on the author's name. By clicking on the name, you will be directed to a page where you may view the author's RSS icon or sometimes it shows as "subscribe to this author" link.

To see a sample of these RSS icons, you may want to visit the following article directories: HubPages, Bukisa, Idea Marketers, Article Alley, GoArticles, Helium, Suite 101, ArticleBase, and EzineArticles. These sites show the RSS icon once you click on the author's name.

Once you have your own unique author's RSS feed, you can now start submitting your posts to RSS submission sites and there are lists on some of the best RSS sites if you go to PageRank or Alexa in the Link Builder's Toolkit, especially if you want to go manual in your submission and not utilize the article marketing automation tools. All you have to do is access the list every now and then because these lists are being updated and you may want to update your submissions as well based on the page ranking of the sites.

Always include a link to your RSS feed on every article that you submit so that if anyone comes along and shows signs of deep interest on the articles that you write, then he or she can easily subscribe right on the spot. Loyal readers are also great advertisers and they can generate leads as fast as any other tool.

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