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Affiliate Marketing Careers From Home – October Action List

You have probably heard this drummed into your ear by so many internet marketing gurus and career coaches, you have to take action to make anything a success. That's the honest truth, you have to define the success you want and take action to achieve it. There are no short cuts no matter what career path you take, we are talking about legitimate opportunities so those don't count. Lets keep on point, we are going to cover a couple of action points you can complete to help your grow your online business.

Action List for this month:

1. How much money have you decided to spend in the coming months on your online business ? Start setting up an annual budget broken up in quarterly or monthly spends. Whatever method works best for your business in deciding what you intend to spend on marketing and other expenses related to running your business. If you are making major changes to your business revenue models or need to make a substantial change in the way you run your business then categorise this spend differently to your running costs.

2. When last did you conduct an audit of your affiliate marketing websites ? Its great you have so many virtual properties but are they all current with your latest organisational information. Have the promotions you targeted in the last six months still valid and supported. If you are fortunate to have a web-master maintain all your sites then make them accountable and have them provide a summary health check of all your online properties. While this point might seem common sense to have done, there are so many sites out there that haven't been tested when gone live. This translates in contact forms not working, content that is not aligned properly and a ton of broken links. This is especially important to your affiliate marketing business were your affiliate links must be current. You have potentially missed a sale if someone is clicking on a dead link.

These little tasks will make a difference to your visitors experience and helps build your sites reputation and keep the information current for the search engines also.

Reily Thomas is a internet marketing expert. For more great information on how to take action with affiliate marketing careers from home [], visit [].

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