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Want to Earn $100 a Year From Home? The EASIEST Way You'll Earn 6 Figures Online in 2014

I'm going to start this short article with a very bold, but simple statement of truth:

If you've been working, exploring or experimenting with income opportunities online for at least 6 months, and have at least grasped some of the basic fundamentals of building an online business, you already know enough, right NOW… To earn 6 figures online, 100% from home.

Spending MORE time learning new strategies, new "secrets" and new tips, tools and techniques can be helpful… But ONLY if it's done while and when you're already earning great money doing work you already know well, and are being paid handsomely for as well.

(in other words… Don't make a full time job out of learning NEW things, when what you know already can earn you more money per week than 98% of the real world working population)

I want to share with you what I believe is the biggest problem most of us face when trying to earn amazing money from home.

It's NOT too little information. Instead, it's too MUCH. Information overload is what most the "gurus" call it while still trying to sell you something new, but it's far deeper, at least to me, than that.

For example?

If you know how to register a domain name, set up a blog, manage your server (even a simple shared server), configure an autoresponder, or even super duper simple tasks like starting a tumblr blog or attracting a twitter audience, you've got a REAL marketable skill that can make you rich.

Because the VAST majority of people who need these skills and services, are NOT the folks you find on the "get rich from home" forums and blogs, it's the REAL people in the real world with REAL businesses who desperately need what you know, and will pay top dollar to have you do it for them.

Doctors, realtors, small lenders, plumbers, contractors and just about every other professional person in every niche, market or industry in your LOCAL community, right now… Are looking for people to help them grow their brands, blogs and businesses… And they don't know the first thing about online marketing as a general rule.

I've watched college friends who are doctors and lawyers who spend thousands of dollars a year on online marketing basics that would take you or I a few hours to set up.

The key is, you've got to think like an AGENCY. Identify a local niche that you want to target, figure out a very short and specific suite of services you want to offer, and then start to experiment and explore client acquisitions strategies for getting high paying clients where you live, work or play.

Trust me – it's INFINITELY easier to get clients this way, than it is to sell ebooks, or seminars, or affiliate products that only 1 out of every 200 people who click on your link will ever buy.

The best part? You can START, right now… Exactly where you are, and go, grow and flow in the direction of your dreams… No gimmicks, no goofy unethical stuff, and NO gurus required ever again!

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