LinkedIn Marketing Solutions in 90 Seconds

LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network — with millions of members worldwide. And we're growing fast, with two new members joining every second. People come to us to build their professional identity, forge new relationships and gain a competitive advantage. They trust LinkedIn to uncover their next opportunities and help them make the decisions that matter. Many visit daily to keep abreast of business and industry news: following companies, joining groups and reading the latest content from the worlds' most influential thinkers.

We work wherever they work, so you can use LinkedIn to reach large numbers of influencers across all devices throughout Europe and further afield.

Our audience is the most affluent, educated and influential on the social web.

Our unique data stream takes targeting to a new level. You deliver the most relevant messages to the most relevant people.

And you can build vibrant communities around your company or vertical in an environment where people are actively seeking this content. Use our marketing solutions to trigger action and benefit from members' own recommendations.

Because it's LinkedIn, people trust what they read and act on it. Millions of companies are already doing this.

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