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Setting Up a Linksys Admin Router

If you have just purchased a Linksys wireless router, you will need to fully install it into your home or your place of business before you can begin to network or use it. One of the things you will need to do when installing your router is to enter your Linksys Admin codes. Because you need to ensure your overall security with your device, it is important that you find this code and keep it in a secure place.

What Is It?

The Linksys admin is a code that allows you to get into your administrator account. This account should be maintained by the person or people who will be responsible for keeping the network working properly. In most situations, it is rarely needed besides the first time, when you set up your network.

At that time, you be prompted to log into the router as the administrator. In most situations, you will have the default administrator code in place at this time, as long as you purchased the unit new and from the company directly. It will have a user name as well as a password that are set at the factory that the router was made at.

The default login for the Linksys wireless router, either the Linksys wireless broadband router or the DSL router will be specific to the make and model.

• If you have the Linksys EtherFast Cable/DSL Ethernet router, the admin will simply be Administrator.

• If you have the Linksys BEFW11S4 or the Linksys WRT54G, then the code will simply be admin. These two do not have any password associated with them when they are new.

• If you have the Linksys Comcast routers, then the admin user name will be Comcast and the password for this router will be 1234.

However, if you have a different make or model than is listed here, you will need to use the information provided to you when you purchased the device. You can call customer service if you have forgotten this information.

Once you have physically installed the Linksys wireless router into your computer and Internet connection, you will need to enter the Linksys admin information into the system. Then, you will be taken through a setup process that allows you to choose which devices in the home or office you wish to link together in your network. If you decide to, you can change the user name and password if you would like. However, this is not required.

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