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Local Business Marketing Tips

Local Business Marketing Tips For Beginners

Do you have a business that appeals to local customers? If so, then you have to know how you can be more visible to your customers as soon as they search for services that you offer. Here are some local business marketing tips that you can do today to increase online exposure for your small enterprise.

Start with keyword research that is focused on the area where your business is located. You can use Google Free Keyword Tool to type the nature of your business and include the name of your area as you begin your search. Then review the figures if you have a lot of competition for this first key phrase. If so, then you can try some more combination until you see a key phrase that has the nature of your business as well as the location of the place where you want to rank.

Take advantage of local search marketing websites to maximize your business exposure. All you need to do is to be ready with your spreadsheet with basic details about your enterprise like your business name, address, contact details, website and list of products and services. You can use these information as you register to include the name of your business on their local directory. Some sites offer free registrations while others offer this for a fee. Examples of those sites that offer free registrations are Google Maps, Yahoo Local, Microsoft Live, AOL Local Search, Yelp, MapQuest and Ask City. On the other hand, Yellow Pages Online and Super Pages offer the same service for a fee. It is highly suggested that you claim your listing on these sites because doing so can definitely improve online exposure.

Another way for you to use local business marketing on your business is to mention the location of your enterprise in anchor text when you build links. This means that you have to prepare topics about the nature of your business and write informative and quality articles about it. You can include the link of your business at the bottom part of the post, using the anchor text that you have on your spreadsheet.

Ask your previous customers to provide their feedback on your product or service by asking them to send it through email. You can then ask them for permission if they will allow you to post it on your website. If you do, chances are, it will be crawled by the search engines and will bump your business up the results page.

Aside from sharing those comments on your website, you can ask the same people as well if it is okay to share it on your online newsletter. You can send these updates to your list of email contacts after getting their approval. This will generally help in getting their attention again, especially for email subscribers that are also searching for customer reviews before deciding on making any purchase on your site.

Make a separate blog from your website. If you keep on updating this with relevant information about your business, while applying search engine optimization techniques then it will be a good addition to support the main website in your local search rankings.

These are some of local business marketing tips that you can apply today to improve the visibility of your website. Please take note that this should be a continuous effort on your end to make sure that your business will be constantly seen on the first page as soon as your next customer search on the nature of your business.

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