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Credit Card Fraud Prevention The usage of PHP and MYSQL Database

Mastercard fraud has turn into pervasive on the Web. According to MasterCard World, account takeover fraud has increased by using 369% since 1995. It has change into probably the most quickest rising forms of fraud, and one of the crucial more difficult to fight. Greater than $seven-hundred million in on-line sales had been lost to fraud in 2001, representing 1.14 p.c of complete annual on-line sales of $61.eight billion, in keeping with GartnerG2. Even though the mastercard company has given the authorization as to the validity of the cardboard, there are several methods fraudulent playing cards can be utilized in your site. The cardboard will have been misplaced or stolen, but the card proprietor is but to document its loss. Or the number on the card (and no longer the cardboard itself) will have been lifted without the data of the proprietor. There’s additionally a scam called id theft, the place the cardboard has been issued below false pretenses the use of anyone else's identity and records.

As an online service provider, you want to have a machine to check the authenticity of orders placed to guard what you are promoting. Whereas the hassle may just require extra time and money, it could possibly prevent the cost and stress because of cost-backs for fraudulent orders. You lost your bodily products; you lose the sale price; you lose another business chance; and you will be fined a further $15-$50 charge-again fee. if In case you have a excessive proportion of cost-backs, your card services and products firm also can blacklist you and cancel your merchant account. You’ll also spend time looking up the order and supply the requested knowledge to your card services firm. All of these hassles are issues you could definitely do with out.

How can you give protection to your business from credit card frauds? listed Here are a few steps that may be taken to make sure that the transaction is being requested via the actual cardholder.

Suspect delivery address.

Consistent with ClearCommerce Company, a supplier of payment processing and fraud safety tool for e-commerce, orders from Ukraine, Indonesia, Yugoslavia, Lithuania, Egypt, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Russia and Pakistan have an awfully excessive incidence of fraud, and incessantly have unverifiable addresses.

Untraceable email tackle.

In lots of fraudulent orders, the client's e-mail handle is ceaselessly at probably the most free email services, like hotmail.com and yahoo.com, which might be rather untraceable.

Dear objects.

Be wary of pricey orders, particularly for pricey brand-name objects.

More than one gadgets.

It may be a bad signal, as an instance, if someone orders three X-Field or three DVD players directly, particularly the place the items have a excessive resale worth.

Specific shipping.

Most fraudulent orders specify in a single day or 1-day transport with out hesitation.

Shipping deal with differs from billing handle.

Receiving point and billing tackle are totally different in fraud orders. If you’re promoting treasured items, it can be a excellent coverage best to ship to the billing address of the cardboard's holder.

Suspicious billing deal with.

The handle appears too simple or invalid. If the billing address is 123 Primary St, New York, the order is most probably fraud. You should use or on-line region tool to peer if the deal with can also be validated.

Leave at door or post administrative center box.

If the courier service can not guarantee delivery of goods, the risk of fraud could be very high.

The development of geo-focused on in the Internet permits us to pinpoint the geographical area for an order. The guidelines can be used to cut back the fraud by using verifying it with the billing tackle and delivery handle. This means can determine the situation where any person from united states of america X has stolen the credit card archives from country Y. The IP deal with lookup service will divulge the actual u . s . a . instead of relying on the u . s . a . filled within the order kind.

IP2Location(TM) provides expertise to translate IP handle to country foundation. The lookup table is to be had in a number of codecs akin to database and COM. It is the good way to automate the fraud detection the use of client aspect programming languages like C++ & Visual Basic; or service aspect programming languages like ASP, PHP, JSP and CFML.

For instance, company XYZ bought a credit score-card order from IP handle The order small print are as following:

Title: John Ma.

Address: 123 Main St.

City: New York.

ZIP Code: 11111.

U . s . a .: United States.

Tel: (503) 111-1111.

Credit Card No: 1234 5678 9012 3456.

Expired Date: December 201

Mastercard service provider processor will authorize this order if the billing handle suits the order small print. Alas, the mastercard records has been stolen previous by way of Mr. ABC from some other usa in the course of the Internet. Later, he made a purchase of digital products from firm XYZ using the ideas. His order authorized by the merchant as a result of the entire important points matched John's report within the financial institution's database. IP2Location(TM) expertise can filter the difference between order's united states and report's usa upfront to give protection to your enterprise. That You can classify this kind of order for manual inspection prior to turning in the products. You will be surprise how so much this manner will assist in deciding on fraud orders.

On this tutorial, we use the IP2Location(TM) IP-Country database to lookup u . s . a . of foundation from the visitor's IP handle. As an alternative of loading the whole database with 50000+ records, shall we simplify this tutorial with assumption simplest two different IP deal with tiers on this planet. IP addresses zero.zero.0.0 – originate from United States. In the meantime, IP addresses 127.zero.zero.0 – originate from Japan. Here we are making a database "IP2Location" with table "IPCountry" that includes two IP tackle vary information.

Step 1: Create and connect with 'IP2Location' database.


Mysql> CONNECT IP2Location.

Step 2: Create 'IPCountry' table.

Mysql> CREATE TABLE IPCountry.

–> (




–> countryLONG VARCHAR(one hundred) NOT NULL,


–> );

Step three. Import the 'ipcountry.csv' database into table 'IPCountry'

Mysql> INSERT INTO IPCountry VALUES (0, 2130706431,'US','UNITED STATES');

Mysql> INSERT INTO IPCountry VALUES (2130706432, 4294967295,'JP','JAPAN');

The full version of IP-U . s . database is available for subscription at $49/12 months from https://www.ip2location.com/. In case you have the whole model of IP2Location(TM) IP-Country database, the import course of is much easier by using the usage of the LOAD DATA feature to be had in MYSQL.


We create a script to compare the lookup us of a and data given in the order authorization float. It serves as a filter to cut back fraud. All rejected orders will be manual examine by merchants.

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