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Internet Marketing Tool Known As A Blog

This Internet Marketing tool known as a blog is changing the way we receive and view information on line. I am writing this document in my blog now. My blog is a Word Press Blog and it is pretty cool because within a few minutes, I purchased a domain and installed the blog on my server directed to the new domain.

This is totally cool. People who read the posts in my blog can rate them and leave comments. I have noticed blogs becoming more popular than your standard basic websites. Search engines love blogs and every time someone leaves a comment it is looked at by the search engines as new and fresh content.

You will notice that on the home page of my blog, there is even an opt in form for building my mailing list of subscribers for my newsletter. Wow. Is the blog idea a cool Internet Marketing Tool or what? You can comment, ask questions and participate in the conversation right on the blog and you can even have people opt in to your killer newsletter.

This article will be submitted to the major article directories as well. This will give other publishers the chance to pick it up and use it for their website, blog email, etc.

The other cool thing about having a blog as an important Internet Marketing Tool is the fact that you can place links on your blog to direct traffic to other pages.

I set up a blog back on January 4th. I posted in the blog about 17 times over the following 30 days. The blog had over 11000 hits in that first month.

I accidentally uninstalled that blog when installing a new one and lost all of the comments and feed back. I did have all of the posts however and I just finished getting them back on line yesterday. (Minor Set Back. LOL) This was a valuable lesson and I will not be clicking on uninstall again. The biggest draw back is that now my oldest post is in Feb. Instead of January 4th.

On a good note, I was checking my stats last night and I made money with Google AdSense, eBay affiliate program (Commission Junction) and Click Bank last week. There has been a large increase in percentage of income since I started posting to my blogs on a regular basis.

If you are not posting in a blog on a regular basis, I would recommend that you get started. Post articles on your blog, submit the articles to the article directories, and link the blog to your website or sites.

Well I guess that's about it for this post.

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