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5 Reasons EBooks Are Good For Your Business

Customers are a demanding bunch of people. They have so many choices before them that they are always on the lookout for a better deal when they buy, which means that savvy businesses have to offer added value to attract and retain their customers. This could include a money-off voucher on their next purchase, a free trial period of a service, or a freebie thrown in with their purchase. And this is where eBooks come in.

EBooks are easy.

An eBook is relatively easy to produce. All you need is something worth saying and a talent for putting words together in an engaging way. However, a word of warning – don't rush into writing an eBook. Plan what information you are going to include and structure it appropriately. And don't be tempted to cram everything you know into one book as you may find you have enough for a series, which will be even more effective in bringing customers back to your site.

EBooks are an effective marketing tool.

All companies would prefer their customers to come to them rather than having to go out and find them and many websites manage this by having visitors subscribe to either a newsletter or a blog. This enables them to capture the email addresses of their potential customers. Offering a free eBook in return for an email sign-up is an effective way of getting in contact with your target market.

EBooks can establish a reputation for expertise.

Producing an eBook on a topic relevant to your business or industry is an excellent way of proving that you are an expert in your field, and that your customers can rely on you to provide them with the goods or services that are best for them.

EBooks help you to engage with your customers.

An eBook can help you establish a connection with your customers. If you have provided them with an eBook that has helped or educated them, then they are more likely to return to you.

EBooks can also be offered for sale.

An eBook can also be offered for sale on a bookstore site, such as Amazon or Waterstones. This might not only lead to increased revenue, but may also bring new custom to your company.

Topics for eBooks will vary from industry to industry and business to business, but can include tips or new ways of using the goods or services you offer, in-depth information about your industry and buying guides.

But remember, your eBook will reflect your business, so it has to be professional. If you're not a natural writer, consider hiring a copywriter to write the text. If writing your own eBook, hire a proofreader to check over your text to ensure it contains no spelling mistakes or grammatical errors, that all hyperlinks work, and that any facts quoted are correct.

Laura Dowers is a professional Copywriter and Proofreader offering eBook creation services to businesses and authors.

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