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Marketing Plan Tips – 7 Reasons To Create Your Own Podcast

Podcasting is a fantastic way to expand your target audience and attract new customers who are highly unreachable by traditional mass media. Why should you invest your valuable time and energy into launching a podcast? You will know why when you read the following 7 reasons to create your own podcast.

1. Reach out to new markets – This is a great way to expand your audience and position yourself on several continents with ease. Podcasts put a voice to your company thus allowing you to passionately share your message with a worldwide market.

2. Boost your brand – This year, Apple celebrated over 1 billion podcast subscriptions. If your brand is not on iTunes, you are missing out on this game.

3. Additional profits – Once you gained a robust base of listeners and subscribers, you can secure sponsorship from companies that want to reach out to your specific audience. It comes down to creating an additional stream of income.

4. Repurpose your content – Another great way to profit from your podcast is to repurpose the content of your show. You can use the transcripts for example to transform them into an E-Book. If you choose video podcasts, you can easily create a DVD series or if you prefer audio podcasts, launch a CD series. Use several modalities to deliver your message and reach a wider audience. Some people prefer to read or watch a video while others like to listen to audios.

5. New Joint venture partners – If you want to build successful strategic alliances and meet incredible business experts, you should definitely give podcasting a try. If people like your voice and the energy you're vibrating – cause let's face it, nobody wants to listen to boring podcasters – they will want to partner up with you and be featured on your show.

6. New Customers – Sharing valuable insights, educating and informing your audience will not only help you position yourself as a leading industry expert but will also generate more leads and customers.

7. Cost-efficient – Podcasting is a time and cost-efficient form of communication. You can use a free audio editor and recording software suite to create your own podcast show. No need to go overboard and buy the most expensive tools.

Thanks to the growing awareness of the media 'Podcasting' itself and the increased penetration of mobile devices worldwide, listeners can literally access podcast episodes on the go.

Use these seven reasons to create your own podcast show and connect with a global audience.

Bottom Line: Are you ready to learn more about podcasting?

Then I invite you to check out https://www.strengthinbusiness.com/podcasts/ and join our podcast community. Look for the episode on "5 Steps to Position Yourself Intelligently".From Krisz Rokk and Http://www.StrengthInBusiness.com/

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