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Business Proposals Fare Better With Graphics And Video Marketing

A lot of companies have their own unique branding, which often consists of unique packaging, video marketing, a logo, and other graphics that make them identifiable and recognizable. Many are not aware how important it is that this same recognition transcend across to business plans. It is a well known fact that business proposals do better when graphics and color are employed properly. Color and graphics are recommended except when a customer prohibits its use, which is rare. However, when graphics and color are employed it is imperative that sound judgment be used. Throwing some clipart or a colorful logo simply because you don't know what else to do will harm your business proposal not help it.

There are a number of factors that contribute to an excellent business proposal: Page layout; legibility through font choice; proper white space; good use of graphics; and last but not the least, color. The latter two – graphics and color – are the most important of all the components involved in a good business proposal. There is some excellent research backing the use of color. An independent study found there is a 73% increase in comprehension and a 78% increase in retention when color and graphics are used. A University of Minnesota study found when simple graphics were used the message persuasiveness increased by 47%.

Why do graphics have such an impact when combined with words? Some individuals learn better with graphics, others are skimmers so they are more likely to absorb content that includes graphics. When graphics are statistical in nature, they tend to carry authority. Graphics also can entice a person to want to further examine the information around the graphic; thus increasing the successfulness of the information that's being marketed.

Avoid the use of poor quality generic clip art. It will do nothing for your business proposal. Don't add just for the sake of adding. It needs to have value. Don't use graphics that are too complex, intricate or high tech because you will frustrate your reader and lose their interest. Try to illustrate an idea in text graphically. Never put your graphics at the end of your document. Always consider your audience when adding graphics. There are plenty of ways to enhance your business proposal with graphics and color. When doing a business proposal, it's great to always include your company's logo. If you have a company color, make sure it is incorporated throughout your document. For example, you can subtly including a line between text and header in your company color.

Business proposals are important documents, and they could be much more successful whenever you integrate quality video marketing, graphics and color into your business proposal. Graphics quickly say more than words alone. Graphics communicate your business's commitment, quality, and the importance you place on dealing with your future client. Few can write a great proposal. Fewer still allocate the time, thought, and money into developing a compelling visual representation of their solution. A clear, communicative, professional graphic tells evaluators as well as decision makers that you care and shows you have more resources (than your competitors) at your disposal. Graphics also demonstrate that you are committed to solving their problem.

Video Marketing is actually a scheme which facilitates and encourages people to pass along marketing video clips about services and products available. Info Product Creation can benefit a lot from video marketing in order to fulfill business objectives and be profitable.

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