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Looking For Jobs Online? Read This First

The Internet is a vast, continually expanding world. With technology advancing and with more and more people and companies turning to their Internet for all their personal and professional needs, it is inevitable that someone somewhere thought of finally posting job advertisements online.

At present, there are more than 80,000 job sites spread all over the Web. Not only that, company, government and college alumni web sites post their own list of job openings in their respective turfs. Even regular mailing lists have offtopic job postings. In short, online job advertisements are everywhere. So there is really no reason not to find something that suits you and your skills.

But before you finally decide to join the bandwagon and search for a job online, take note of the following points first. While it's true that online job searches are a cinch and will not require you to break a sweat, you should actually be more careful with who you're dealing with and what kinds of information you're passing along.

Choose a Reputable Online Job Search Service.

The Internet is home to a lot of scammers who would do anything to get personal information out of you. Before you pass your resume to a job site, check its background first and see what previous users think about it. Ask around for reviews and stories of their experiences with that particular online job site.

Sure, not all of the good job posted online are on these so-called reputable sites, but it sure does pay to be safe, especially since you're giving out your phone number, address and other personal details.

Treat Your Resume and Web Portfolio as a Real Business Document.

Most online job hunters have this misconception that because you're not dealing with your employer face to face and that it's all done via the Web anyway, they're not obliged to make their applications documents and spick-and-span and impressive as they would look in a print document.


Because nearly all the interaction involved will be based on the Internet, your potential employer will judge your work ethic and professionalism based on the documents you submitted. That's why you have to be extra careful, because you won't be there to instantly defend yourself when they see something off on your records.

Don't Distribute Your Resume To All Online Job Sites Available.

Use maximum discretion when posting your resume. While you might be itching to just put yourself out there to get a job instantly, this might not be your best bet. Remember, just because the Internet is so vast doesn't mean you won't get caught floating your resume everywhere. It makes you look desperate and highly unprofessional. Apply to a few online job sites first — the ones you're most comfortable with and learn to be patient. Good things come to those who wait.

When you apply for online jobs, make sure you read the qualifications and minimum requirements stated on the ad, so you won't waste time applying for something you don't really qualify for. Even if the hunt is done online, you should still be prudent with your applications. Good luck!

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