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Stellar Future Online Marketing Opportunities After Lessons From Comet's Eclipse

A key to any business success is to really understand what your customers want. In the UK we have seen the collapse of many high street retailers including electrical giant Comet that went into administration.

The major problem with most of them is their inability to compete with their online rivals. Online has definitely become the new offline for sales. Many shops are finding their market eroded as online business muscles in.

While some have an online presence they still can't beat their new rivals who simply don't have the same high costs as their shop owning retail rivals and are more aggressive in their marketing and sales.

The lesson here is know your customer meet their needs and deliver it to them the way they want it, at a price they want to pay. It's crucial to understand this to be both successful offline and in online marketing businesses.

To help you not fall into the same trap online I've been unpacking Copy and Profit Blueprint. The system has worked successfully for fifteen years and could do the same for you.

So far I've covered the basics of how to identify potential markets where information products would sell, the kind of customer you'd be looking for (those who spend money) and where to find ideas to create new products to sell.

So the key to this is identifying what the market wants. Once you've done that you can start compiling your report. There are two ways to do this.


Where you take small part of a topic and explain it in greater detail. You could write bullet points and flesh them out.


This is where you create a list of as many different ideas on a specific topic for your report as you can think of giving people many options.

Now you need to create demand for your report:

This depends on a number of things.


The title should accurately reflect what's included in the report. Ten major strategies to overcome fear. 11 top tips for the perfect putt. Five steps to create a high value internet marketing business.

This has to appeal directly to the reader and communicate the benefits they will get from reading and using the contents of the report.


The report then goes onto a system called P.A.G.E.S.

5. PLAN.

Write a list of everything you want to share. You are thinking out your report on paper or computer and brainstorming ideas as you go along from the research you've done. Put down everything you think of or alphabetically order what you're doing making an A-Z of report ideas.


Once you've done that put them in either sequential order in the way you would do them or systematically, grouping things how they fit together.

7. GROW.

Bolster and develop the content fill in the blanks with meaty information from your ideas. You are then told about templates and how they could help come up with material for the report. For example, you can use, five ways you can..fifty ways to… If I could sum up..take these ten steps for successful…


Extract the bullet points for your sales copy from the content as you go along. These will be important in helping you give customers a reason to buy your report.


Clean up the rough edges and add any additional content where they're needed even throwing in a few additional tips. You should always pad out, polish and proofread your final report.

So you now have a handle on how to start in the lucrative online marketing business with your own information products. The Copy and Profit Blueprint will give you everything you need to kick-start your online marketing future.

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