Setting Up Wi Fi Connection

Steps on How to Set Up Your Home Wireless Network

The internet has become an indispensable part of our daily lives. Wireless connectivity has been touted as the most convenient way of connecting to the internet. For as long as you have a wireless connection, you can log on to the internet anywhere in your house. Home wireless network is undoubtedly very convenient.

Before setting up your home wireless network, you should know first what you are going to do. Here are some steps that can help you out:

Step 1: Choose your gadgets first. Buy a reliable wireless router. There are a lot of brands available today. They differ in security and frequency features. When choosing, compare brands based from features. Those with more internet connectivity and safety features are usually more expensive. Many experts recommend the use of a router with 802.11g technology because this is compatible with nearly everything.

Of course, your computers at home should be wireless-ready as well. New laptop computers are wireless-ready. But some desktop computers have to be installed with a wireless networking card. If you have just one desktop computer and the others are laptops, you can buy a LAN cable and just connect your desktop directly to the router.

Step 2: Install your router. Place your router in the part of your home where it can transmit signal better. Now unplug your internet modem or cable. Place your router close to the modem. Connect your router to the modem. Connect it to the WAN network slot separated from the LAN networks slot at the back of the router. By this time, it is already transmitting wireless internet. However, you should configure the settings for your router first using your main computer. Use the manual to follow configurations. Set up the password as well. Don't forget to document your password.

Step 3: Now connect your computers to your home wireless network. Use your main computer to connect your various computers at home. To gain access to the internet, you have to key in your password first.

Step 4: Configure your local network. Share printers and other external devices so you can use them even though you are not directly connected. You can connect the printer directly to the router to gain access to it.

Here are the simple steps in setting up a home wireless network for your home. Keep the box and the manual of your router so you can easily reset the configurations when needed.

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