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Social Media Policy for Nonprofits

Make the Case For Giving – 7 Tips to Help Your Nonprofits Increase Its Year End Appeal Response

This is the season for year-end giving and many potential donors will be visiting your organization's website. Given the many great charities out there and the current economic climate, your donor will probably ask "why should I give to your nonprofit?" You need to answer them with as much clarity and transparency as possible.

Here are 7 tips to make your case for giving compelling:

Take away: Concentrate on making your homepage as polished (relevant content) and visually attractive as possible.

Rosita Cortez holds a masters in Public Policy and Administration from Columbia University in New York. She is the founder of "Social Media 4 Nonprofits," a blog dedicated to advance the missions of nonprofits via Social Media. To learn how your organization can use social media to create awareness of your cause, raise funds and engage with new constituents, visit Http://rositacortez.com/.

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Students raise over $52000 during all-night Mini-Thon – Pocono Record

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