of Quannah Rose Chasinghorse Friday. Chasinghorse is an Indigenous design as well as protestor recognized for utilizing her system to sustain Indigenous sovereignty and also sustainability, as well as she is included in”We Are Here,”the cover tale for the publication’s July problem. The goal is to display Indigenous people …

National Geographic Spotlights America’s Native Nations on Instagram

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mcdonalds deepens its lgbtq outreach via a partnership with revry tv

McDonald’s Deepens Its LGBTQ+ Outreach Via a Partnership With Revry TV

With Pride month in full swing, McDonald’s is reminding everyone that support can go beyond the month of June as they continue to create deeper partnerships and safe spaces within the LGBTQ+ community. As part of McDonald’s larger approach with the LGBTQ+ community, the fast-food chain is partnering with Revry TV–an LGBTQ+ media company–for a…

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aapi creative spotlight tracey chan launches campaigns that are literal works of art

AAPI Creative Spotlight: Tracey Chan Launches Campaigns That Are Literal Works of Art

When tracing the origins of her interest in advertising for Adweek, Tracey Chan recalls a childhood memory that ultimately led to professional journey. “I remember watching local channels at home and finding the ads more interesting than the programs,” she shared for the AAPI Creative Spotlight series. “We were a KTLA5 household. My dad has…

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aapi creative spotlight as an editor kristin yawata is the ultimate collaborator

AAPI Creative Spotlight: As an Editor, Kristin Yawata is the Ultimate Collaborator

Kristin Yawata, editor and co-founder of post-production company Little Farm, knew that she wanted to be an editor in high school. What she didn’t know at the time was that advertising would offer the best, most efficient space to hone her skills. “I feel like there is no faster way to learn to cut,” she…

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aapi creative spotlight liz kims work balances analysis and beauty

AAPI Creative Spotlight: Liz Kim’s Work Balances Analysis and Beauty

Liz Kim has always seen herself as both a left and right brain thinker. “The left brain side of me loves data and logic,” the New York-based art director told Adweek. “The right brain side is very creative and filled with imagination. I’m constantly thinking of new and exciting projects to do both professionally and…

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aapi creative spotlight janice chen is maximizing accessibility and community

AAPI Creative Spotlight: Janice Chen Is Maximizing Accessibility and Community

If you asked Havas CX’s senior visual designer, Janice Chen, what got her into advertising, she would tell you that it was all about the industry’s potential to make a real impact. “Advertising has a powerful voice and I wanted to join it to use that voice for good,” Chen told Adweek for the AAPI…

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aapi creative spotlight vikas bhalla loves the classics while looking toward the future

AAPI Creative Spotlight: Vikas Bhalla Loves the Classics While Looking Toward the Future

Los Angeles-based creative director Vikas Bhalla’s interests in design and advertising were sparked at an early age. “I grew up in Santa Monica near the Binoculars Building in Venice,” he told Adweek. “I couldn’t believe how cool it looked. It blew my mind.” Noting that the classic bright yellow “TV Is Good” billboards from ABC…

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gold house debuts multimillion dollar fund to promote asian and pacific islander leadership

Gold House Debuts Multimillion-Dollar Fund to Promote Asian and Pacific Islander Leadership

In 2018, Harvard Business Review called Asian Americans the “forgotten minority” when it came to in-depth conversations about inclusion in leadership, noting that many diversity reports from top Silicon Valley companies either lumped them with larger groups or failed to address them at all. When they were present in reports, the data confirmed that they…

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crossmedia one of the largest minority owned indie agencies is a case study in representation

Crossmedia, One of the Largest Minority-Owned Indie Agencies, Is a Case Study in Representation

This year, independent media agency Crossmedia (XM) has already had 10 boomerang employees–former employees who come back. Matt Schroeder is one of them. He left XM in May 2021 to work at Omnicom’s OMD and Accenture before returning to XM last month as a managing director of the agency’s analytics and data arm, Redbox. XM’s…

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