google expands verification process for financial service advertisers

Google Expands Verification Process for Financial Service Advertisers

Google announced Wednesday it’s tightening its verification process for advertisers promoting financial services in an effort to fight financial fraud and scams. The policy will roll out in Australia, Singapore and Taiwan this month. For most countries where advertisers promote financial services, Google requires information like hidden fees to a service or a minimum and…

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twitter tightens policy on misinformation and false reporting

Twitter Tightens Policy on Misinformation and False Reporting

Twitter announced a new policy on Thursday to address viral misinformation during periods of crisis like armed conflict, public health emergencies and large-scale natural disasters. The new global crisis information policy establishes standards for blocking the promotion of tweets that are determined to contain false reporting, false coverage of events and misleading allegations regarding the…

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jameson and pinterest team up for an orange inal color takeover

Jameson and Pinterest Team Up for an Orange-inal Color Takeover

Irish whiskey brand Jameson is owning orange, the vibrant Spring color, in Pinterest’s first-ever color takeover partnership. Starting today, users who search for orange will see Jameson’s content for its new spirit flavor across top orange hits on Pinterest’s page. The break-through ads will appear in searches like orange chicken and orange nails, according to…

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