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Make Money Writing for the Web – 6 Ways to Make Money Writing Articles

The Internet has a tremendous appetite for unique written material, "content" as it is called on the Net. A great deal of "content" is made up of articles in one form or another. If you can write in clear, understandable English at the 6th to 9th grade level, you can make money writing for the Web.

Articles on the Web vary from 350 words to 2,000 words and more, with most being in the 400-700 word range. There are many "article directories" that accept articles. They do not pay for them but will publish them for free. The author has a "Bio-box" at the end where he gets to tell about himself and sell something.

These Bio-boxes are usually limited to 300-600+ characters, in plaintext form and in html format. Using html format lets you use anchor links (like those you can see below), which means you can set up a piece of text (the anchor link) for the reader to click on, which takes him or her to a website of your choice.

So how do you make money writing for the Web by writing articles? Let me count the ways…

1. One way to make money writing for the Web is to write articles for some webmaster on contract. Go to elance.com or similar site, look at the requests for proposals and bid on some. If your bid is successful you write the articles according to the proposal contract and get paid directly for doing so.

2. You can do "Bum Marketing" by signing up to an affiliate program somewhere (try clickbank.com), then write articles about the product you are an affiliate for. In your bio-box you put your affiliate link to take the reader to the sales page for your product. Readers click, visit and buy and you get a commission check!

3. Some article directories allow direct affiliate links to sales pages, others do not. One way around this is to buy a domain name (for about $10), then set a redirect link on your new domain name to send all visitors directly to the sales page.

4. Another way around the "no direct links" restriction is to set up a small website and write your own "presell page". On this page you outline the product benefits and ask the visitor to click on the link below, which is your affiliate link. You put a link to your presell page on your own site in your bio box.

5. Still another way to make money writing for the Web is to write articles whose bio boxes direct visitors to your own website, selling your own products. The articles bring traffic, visitors buy things and you make money from the sales.

6. You can build a website set up as a "content site", with information about a specialty "market niche", say "Grooming Irish Setters" (dogs). You write content for the site, put Google AdSense advertisements on the site. Then you write articles with a link in your bio box to the site. Visitors click on ads, you get paid.

The list could go on and on… The question for you as a writer is do you want to make money writing for the Web by selling your writing directly to webmasters who need content, or do you "monetize" your articles by using them to sell products or advertising that then pay you. The opportunities to make money by writing for the web are many!

For more information about how to make money by writing for the web, just follow the links below…

For more info on how to make money writing content (articles, ads, books) online, visit: Make Money Writing OnlineFor a variety of money-making writing resources, visit: Resources to Make Money Writing on the Web Jorge Chavez is an experienced writer, author and Internet marketer at: .

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