Too Sexy Too Soon? Super Sexualized Marketing And Teens | Nightline | ABC News

One mommy blog writer who lets her 9-year-old wear Victoria's Secret is triggering a stir. Nightline checks out if over sexualized advertising is causing unfavorable affects on the impressionable young people of The U.S.A..
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Youngsters seem to be growing up quicker than ever before, as well as these tales highlight the youngest age group acting like adults "too young, prematurely" (TYTS). Children are revealed to a lot more influences and negative habits through tv, movie, and also access to the internet. Are celebs bad role models for young impressionable kids? In between tales of adolescent shooters that are not old adequate to lug their tools, kids in tiaras, crazy dance mamas, and also kids getting plastic surgery as birthday presents, it's easy to see that possibly maturing also quick can hurt instead of help youngsters.

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