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Email Marketing Campaigns – 7 Top Tips For Your Next Message

Email marketing campaigns are still the easiest way to build a relationship with your customers. You should redirect as much of your traffic to your Optin page as possible and get people onto your email list whenever you can. Follow these 7 top tips to make your next email marketing campaigns super effective.

Is there An Actionable Message In Your Email?

Is your email requesting the reader to take an action? If not why are you sending it? Every email you send should have a call to action in it. It can be as simple as directing someone to your blog or watching a video. And if you train your readers to do something, then they'll learn to expect that in all your messages.

Does Your Subject Line Entice Your Readers?

Your subject line is the most important part of your email marketing campaigns. It has one purpose and one purpose only. To make the recipient click on it to read your message. If they don't like your subject line then your email will go unopened.

Make it catchy and try and create some intrigue. For example instead of saying "Read My Latest Blog Post On Email Marketing", say "My Top 10 killer Strategies For Success In Email Marketing".

Keep The Important Information At The Top.

Most email reading software has a preview pane so the reader doesn't have to open the email to read what it's about. Keep your most important information at the top of the email so it can be read in an email preview pane.

Don't Include Images Or Excessive HTML.

A lot of people read their email from their mobile devices these days. When you're running your email marketing campaigns you need to structure your email format so it is easily read on a cell phone. The only HTML should be links to your website, and keep the width of a line to 65 characters or less. A great website to format your emails is formatit, which allows you to format your text into 65 or less characters per line.

Have Multiple Calls To Action.

Don't just have one link to your promotion or website. Have about three and make it stand out by surrounding it with tramlines (repeated equal signs) above and below the link you want them to click. Also include above the link and between the tramlines a verbal call to action.

Test Your Emails Before Sending.

All Autoresponder software allows you to test any emails before you send them out. A key task to do for all email marketing campaigns is to send each email to yourself, and test every link in the email. It's very easy to insert an incorrect link, and if it doesn't work then you've just wasted an opportunity.

Keep It Short.

Nobody is going to read an email that goes on for pages. Limit it to two or three paragraphs. If you want to add more information then direct them to your website where you can explain it more fully.

Keep these 7 tips in mind for your next email marketing campaigns. Remember that your subject line is the most important part of your email. Keep them brief and to the point, always have multiple calls to action and test each email before you send it out.

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