Top 10 Online Marketing Companies

Top 10 Companies and Their Functions

or most commonly referred to as Multi- Level Marketing is a fine business distribution model which allows the parent companies to sell their products to the consumers by either direct selling or by relationship referral. Top 10 network marketing companies are Quixtar, USANA, Mary Kay, Herbalife International, Pre-Paid Legal Services, 4Life Research, Arbonne International, Mona Vie, Global Travel International, and FreeLife International.

Quixtar is one of the most important among top 10 network marketing companies founded just 8 years ago and in such a short time making a huge impact on network marketing with its excellent policies and distribution. The company is also the member of Direct Selling Association and the Better Business Bureau and are the exclusive distributors of Alticor and Amway products in the United States and Canada, including Nutrilite dietary supplements, XS Energy Drinks.

USANA is also among the top 10 networking company and is based in Salt Lake City, Utah and manufactures a variety of health-care products, including vitamins, skin-care products, and nutritional supplements. The company is one of the fastest growing companies and also is recognised by many for its excellent quality of products used by many top athletes.

Mary Kay is one of the oldest and is also among top 10 network marketing companies located in Dallas suburb of Addison, Texas and is a brand of skin care cosmetics and color cosemetics with nine original skin care products which are very much popular all around the world. The company has its network all over the world and also allows huge bonuses that one earns from the wholesale purchases of their downline the producta are mainly not available in many retails channels apart from some cities.

Herbalife International is headquartered in Los Angeles, California and it sells nutrition, weight loss and skin care products through network marketing offering the merchant associated with it a healthy and a genuine profit and also with exciting business opportunities for this very reason it hold it position in top 10 network marketing companies.

Pre-Paid Legal Services develop market legal service plans with the help of more than 50 independent law firms in US for all kind of legal procedure. The plans developed by company can only be sold through network marketing that is through some independent associates or one to one basis.

4Life Research is an important network marketing company developing several researchers based on many aspect of life and the products can only be sold through one to one basis.

Arbonne International markets weight loss, skin care, nutrition, and color cosemetics products and these can only be obtained through network of independent consultants.

Mona Vie market series of health drinks and juices and the product can be obtained by one to one referral or by placing direct order in the company.

Global Travel International markets all kind of travel solutions and getting much recognition today as it allows internet booking and people can plan their itinerary easily with the help of networking marketing.

FreeLife International also hold its position in top 10 network market companies and mainly markets products like nutritional supplements, weight loss products, and shampoo and the company pays commissions on multiple levels to buy and sell the product.

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