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What Is Different About Agel Enterprises?

Are you investigating the products and business opportunity for Agel? Are you asking yourself: "What is different about Agel Enterprises? Why should I consider this company instead of the others out there? Let's look at some differences and see if they make sense to you.

The Company.

Agel Enterprises, LLC was started by Glen Jensen in March of 2005. The founder had been very successful in the world of network marketing. However, he had a vision of providing a more consumable, easier to use delivery mechanism for nutritional supplements. Rather than hard-to-take pills or bad tasting liquids, all of the oral products are delivered by way of a tasty gel packet. That's really the fundamental difference between this company and others, but it is significant.

The Products.

As is the case with other nutritional companies, this company has developed their own formulations of vitamins, minerals, herbal supplements, etc. Since all companies have their own staff of scientists and research people and they all develop different formulas, who knows which are the best. The real difference in this case is the delivery mechanism. Agel products, as mentioned above, are, for the most part, delivered in a single dose gel packet or dissolving strip. The idea is convenience so that the consumer actually uses the products consistently and at the right time depending on the circumstances.

The range of products in their suspension gel include combinations of ingredients targeted toward mental energy, energy and weight loss, immune boosting, joint health, free-radical control, heart health, detoxification and proper hydration. They have gel strips for male performance enhancement and a sleep aid. They do also have lines of gel topical and skin-care products. They are not single dose but keep to the 'gel' theme.

The Business Model – The Opportunity.

Agel's business model is as solid as any other well-grounded network marketing company's. The company has grown to be an international company. So, the market-place is as large as anyone's. Associates can enter their business program at one of two different levels, either at the Personal Pack ($300 +/-) or the Executive Pack ($1100+/-) level. The latter gains a stronger affiliation, more tapes, books, CD's, etc. Than the former. While the company states that their compensation plan is the best in the industry, so does everyone else. In reality, it's a fairly traditional binary multi-level-marketing compensation plan with various rewards depending on the levels achieved. Training is very traditional in the sense that they recommend three-way calling to your warm market, that is to your family, friends and business associates to get you off the ground and started. You then provide the same assistance to the people you recruit into the business.

The Problem.

Network marketing is a very competitive arena. While competition is a good thing, just look at how many companies are in the nutritional supplement sector. This company has, indeed, provided a niche with their gel products. However, as is always the case, you won't become successful unless you can sell a large volume of product and recruit a large number of associates. The only reasonable place to do that while limiting your expenses is on-line. Whether you decide on this company or another, learn how to use the internet efficiently. Start now while you are thinking about it.

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