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Top 20 Facts of Successful Radio Advertising for Internet and Brick and Mortar Businesses

Radio is still surprisingly inexpensive for advertising. The medium has been around for about 100 years. Many businesses give radio a pass because of the misconception of the return on investment.

Radio is an intrudes into the mind of the listeners. The power of radio advertising is two-fold. The right stations and demographic target coupled with a consistent delivery of your message will yield the best results. Like Direct Mail, you must have a clear idea of who your most profitable market is and conduct a campaign to brand your message in their minds.

Radio works by familiarizing your prospects with your brand through association. When they first hear your commercial, there usually is no major response. The process is similar to growing corn. The results do not show up until the hard work, patience and persistence has been consistently applied. The campaign needs time to instill its message in the minds of the listeners for at least 13 to 20 weeks.

To expect instant results is naive at best and counter productive. The process will also depend on the correct sequence of frequency – by that I mean will you run the ad four times a day for 20 weeks or 12 times a day for 15 weeks? Are you appealing to the folks who listen to the local shock jock in the morning or the smooth talking DJ in the rush hour traffic going home?

So, first you will need to define your goals, objectives, challenges, strengths, competitors, and your unique advantages and benefits. Then determine what you want to do about it. What do you want to accomplish?"

The greatest advantage of radio is its ability to go after a very specific kind of market. You don't waste your advertising budget sending your message to thousands of people who don't qualify or aren't likely to be interested in what you sell.

Recent trends show radio is rapidly becoming the advertising method of choice for thousands of businesses and web sites. The medium allows you to focus your message to a tightly targeted audience.

Here are some Radio Facts.

The field has grown rapidly in recent years with the addition of satellite radio. Sirius and XM Radio have done for music and talk what cable did for Television. The two giants might be merging if the FTC gives its blessing. This format is similar to traditional radio, though there are a mixture of sponsored and commercial free channels.

If this is the first time you're buying air time, call a few stations. You will get a much better deal by buying advertising packages. Stations will sell you multiple commercials at different times of the day to run over weeks or months. The.

Price of individual spots can drop significantly.

Sixty second ads are usually a better deal than 30 second ads. They only cost
a few dollars more and double the time your message is on the air. Be sure to
repeat the main benefit you offer customers at least three times in your
commercial. End with your phone number, store address, or web site URL so
listeners can remember it. The advantages of radio are tremendous.

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