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Leverage Testimonials to Grow Your Home Staging Business

Have you ever watched an infomercial? C'mon, I can't possibly be the only one that's been up in the middle of the night (for me it would be because of a sick child) and find that there's nothing on television to watch but infomercials. Whether it's for acne solution or a celebrity skincare line or even detox, notice that nearly 75% of the show is testimonials from former customers.

So why is this important?

Because it's social proof that it works. The idea is that if it works for Cindy Crawford or Jessica Simpson or P. Diddy or Sean Johnson or whatever he calls himself now, it will work for you too!

Take a queue from these top marketing companies and do the same for your business. Collect testimonials from your customers (both Realtors and Sellers) during or after the staging process and utilize these in all your marketing efforts. When other people talk about how fabulous you are, how easy you are to work with, how you helped them save money, reduce their market time, etc. It makes others STOP and TAKE NOTICE. This makes selling yourself a lot easier because you don't have to sell. You're just sharing other people's experiences with you.

So if you haven't gotten into the habit of doing this already, implement a system for collecting testimonials from your clients. They can be in written format, audio (you can use an inexpensive digital recorder and convert it to an audio that you can load onto your website or utilize an audio service) and it can even be in video format. Mix it up, be creative, but make sure you capture your happy customers thoughts and feedback and share it with the world and watch how this helps catapult your business.

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