Twitter Marketing Strategy

Twitter Marketing Strategy – Top Six Good Twitter Practices For Your Online Marketing Success

Micro blogging has been taking over the Internet marketing world by storm and has been spreading like wildfire. With that said, let's take a look at how to better your Twitter marketing strategy and keep your followers, following who you are and what you have to offer them. Since the advent of social media marketing has become very popular, many Internet marketers have been taking to such platforms like, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Technorati and many other platforms to gain exposure as well as valuable leads from their efforts online. If your marketing within these types of social media is overly promotional, you can easily loose your followers and end up with a GREAT reputation as a spammer. Remember that your online presence is extremely important and you must not set yourself up for failure. So let's get a few points across that will help keep you from doing just that!

Strategy One:

Use "#hashtags." Hashtags are one worded phrases that have a simple "#" (pound symbol) in front of them, have no spaces in and are typically used for micro blogging platforms such as the Twitter, Facebook and even Instagram. This is used as a way to group messages within a single platform and can connect you with others that are using the same hashtag. This acts as a keyword within the chosen system that you choose to use and will you connected with those who have the same interests making your posts targeted, which we all know is very important.

Strategy Two:

Join conversations with others. Simply promoting yourself without adding some kind of value will not get you anywhere! Remember those who are following you are looking for value and do not want to be sold a product or service. This goes hand in hand with social networking. People go to social networks to chat, share and make friends or connect with others who can provide them with value. Those who do otherwise are just doing it all wrong!

Strategy Three:

Study your market. It's much easier to maintain your following than it is with email marketing. Be sure to research your target market before you begin to market to those who are not interested at all.

Strategy Four:

Retweet messages from those who you look up to in the Internet marketing community. When you share a tweet that someone has shared, it is also is tied into your own profile and others can see that as well, drawing attention to yourself.

Strategy Five:

Don't always tweet about your business. Be sure to share some funny pictures, posts and other good content others will get a kick out of. This takes you away from being all about you and your business.

Strategy Six:

Do more than think about your strategy, execute your marketing plan. If you spend too much time thinking about your strategy and no enough time, you will sink yourself. Many people think more than they act, be different and do your part for yourself and your business model.

Following a few simple steps can provide a better outcome when it comes to Internet marketing on Twitter. Be sure you write yourself a great plan and be sure to execute it daily by doing it in a few steps per day.

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!

So be sure to look closely at your Twitter marketing strategy and follow the basic rules above to help ensure your success on the micro blogging platform known as Twitter.

Terry A Day, is a successful online marketer who has had great success within the Internet marketing community and is a social media expert and advertising genius who is out to help others learn how to create a successful business online. Learn more about how to create an online business successfully and leverage the work of others by following him here: []

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