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How Do I Change My IP Address? Surfing Anonymously And Protecting Your Online Identity

How do I change my IP address and stay anonymous while surfing the World Wide Web? That is one of the primary concerns of internet users whose major fear is how to protect their personal details. Your privacy has a higher stake than it was some few years back. All it takes for your privacy to be invaded is someone with a bit of skills and techniques on the internet. Not even your personal files and precious data are secured when you are exposed to some potentially dangerous websites. Hackers can make your computer vulnerable; and those files tagged as "confidential" can be hacked into or even stolen. Did you know that all these can be made possible by exposing your internet protocol address? If you do not safeguard your IP address, and allow it to get into wrong hands, you might as well start preparing to kiss your precious data goodbye.  

I asked myself the above question (how do I change my IP address?) the very first time I got into trouble with some files on my system. This question led to so many other questions and observations; especially on how to secure my IP. Over the years, many internet gurus have developed a lot of top class technologies that enable internet users surf safely on the Web. There are quite a number of ways by which identity thefts can be reduced, and even stopped completely. Some rely on some extra security features installed on their web browser, while others install state-of-the-art anti virus software on their systems. All these extra security features are good, but far from being the best when it comes to securing your online activities. None of these methods can help you surf anonymously on the internet. 

One of the most commonly used methods people use to hide their internet protocol address is a proxy website. When I wanted an answer to my question (how do I change my IP address?), one of the services I used to secure my IP was a proxy website. These websites are cost-free, but highly risky in terms of security. They are also slow because of the enormous amount of advertisements placed on them by their owners. Apart from the ads, they also take a longer time to load pages of some highly secured websites.  

Unarguably the most consistent way to surf anonymously on the internet is through IP changing software. These programs are cheap, and can be downloaded and installed on your system without any technical knowledge. The best part of it is that your internet and computer speed will not be affected by installing this software. It is better than a free proxy website because it does not affect the speed of how any site you visit loads.  

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