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Creating Your Dating Site Username

An issue that many take too casually when setting up their online dating profile is their username. The main goal you have when choosing your name is to make it as memorable as possible, just like your actual profile. Your goal is to sell yourself, and part of the sale is developing the proper sales pitch.

Let's first address your real name. You love your real name, and you've most likely taken great pains to make it memorable and respected. For many, your name brings instant creditability in your profession. But when it comes to the internet, do not post your real name. It's an issue of security, and it's just not smart.

If you're stuck on using your name, you can, but use variations of it. Piece it together with activities that you like to do, adjectives that apply to you, or nicknames you've used before. For example, my name is Jim McMenamin. Some variations that I could use would be McJim, JimmyMac, JimSkis, or SlimJim.

Here are a few other suggestions for you:

One last point to address is names that come with sexual innuendo. This is a tricky point, and it really depends on the site you're using and the people that you're hoping to meet.

Let's take a simple name like SexKitten. This is very site specific as to how well it will work. If you're registering at an adult dating site, then this name is more than appropriate; however, if you're at a Christian dating site, odds are this won't cut it.

If you choose to stick with SexKitten, you need to be careful at moderate sites, which have people looking for both short term and long term relationships. When someone views that name, they will have a preconceived notion of what you're looking for. (Let me give you a hint, it's not a long term relationship.) Just remember, sometimes you get what you ask for.

Don't just rush to slap up a name when you register. This is a fun step in the process, and it helps to stamp the uniqueness of your profile. Get away from your straight laced 9-5 job, and enjoy your alter ego.

Jim McMenamin is the webmaster and creator of MacsDatingSite.com [http://macsdatingsite.com], a blog dedicated to the various issues of online dating. Stop by and grab my FREE Quick Start Guide [http://macsdatingsite.com/online-dating-quick-start-guide/] for online dating.

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