On Being Dumped

(Or, How I made my Throat Sore from Wailing)

If you happen to live within the town of Relative, you may or may not have been to Absolute. Vainness isn't an issue; it's a city. It's about the place you live. If your reside-in boyfriend sits you down and tells you the eight top the reason why he's dumping you and you cry and collapse, your vanity is relative to his opinion of you. If your experience of your self or your price exists best within the mirror as others cling it as much as you, you’re destined to subsist within the town of Relative perpetually on the waters of Lake WhoamI.

Now in the event you consult with Absolute, you might even see issues differently. The energy that animates you, your essence, which used to be what took on a physique (yours), is absolute, full. It is you. It isn’t relative to anything else or somebody. This essence must be identified in all its complexity and this is the work of life…to live out who you’re. Then we make no apologies for no longer dwelling up to anyone else's same old of what we should say, do in lifestyles, or appear to be. You’re you. Duration. Take it or leave it, other folks. What we are can get clouded or lined up totally via oldsters telling us who they see in us; often what they see is the high school cheerleader they failed to be or the physician that just shouldn't throw his life away being a poet.

Means off. Faculties and teachers steer us, influence us in response to their perceptions of our propensities and skills. Will also be means off. Up that highway there…Relative I feel it's known as. So how do we take control? How do we discover our fact? What do you care to do? What makes you are feeling alive? NO NOT SEX. YOU'RE ALWAYS THINKING ABOUT SEX! I am asking you about you by myself. You have to get to grasp and love and have fun YOU; that distinctive aggregate of vitality that makes up part of the Universe, a part of God.

It’s perfect; it’s not fallen; it does not require redemption; it’s absolutely good. You have to protect it like a warrior. It is not to be trifled with through any Jack that judges it by means of his relative usual. Get outta town (Relative, I mean) and transfer to Absolute. There you’re going to to find the real reality. Things which are real just are. They don't come and go and fade inside and out within the wind. Your worth isn’t the assessment of every other. Your value is an absolute.
There now, really feel any better? Don't answer that.

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