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Features of a Wireless Router

Most electronic gadgets are trying to adopt the wireless technology in order to give greater mobility to the user. Wires make movement difficult and the user is chained to his seat while working. With wireless technology the user can access the internet without the modem and connectivity of the cable. There is a built in DHCP server provided. The antenna is integrated into the system to support the different protocols.

It is light weight and easy to carry around. There is both speed and security assured for the user. The data transfer rate can be speeded up to 54Mbps. The firewall security takes care of all kinds of virus. The WPA PSK is another important feature which gives additional overall security to the system. There is also effective protection against the attack of hackers. This is a much needed security measure in the light of the increased and ever present threat of hacking for the internet user.

Essentially the transmission takes place from the server to multiple clients. There is virtually a private network pass through which works very well in an office with multiple users. Thus online access can be shared with all the others in the office ensuring a very smooth operation for the staff. Connectivity is instantaneous and the efficiency of the work force is guaranteed. Some have a network address translation which helps to maintain a special address for your network. Installation is very easy and the load balancing is very effective. Some devices also have content filters to disallow unwanted web pages from appearing.

For such a small device it is surprisingly powerful in transmitting data at very high speeds. It can support two protocols. Some also have voice ports. Some routers have four built in 10/100ports. There is also the port forwarding or server mapping facility. There is both web based and remote configuration. The operating frequency ranges from 2400 to 2484 .5MHz.

The user can download any form of the web content whether in the form of a text, image, picture, photograph or even an audio or video file. This is amazingly versatile for such a compact little device.

There is a new kind of difficulty that users have to contend with and that is the Denial of Service (DOS). In order to address this problem, a new device has been installed as a preventive measure.

Some brands promise other features like, over bandwidth consumption, traffic shaping, IGMP snooping multicast and a maximum of four priority queues. There are various transmission rates offered like, 11, 5.5, 2 and 1Mbps.

Wireless routers have become a must buy option for the regular internet user. In the long run it is a very economical package with network connections.

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